Now is the time to begin planning for the 
40th Annual DCMO BOCES Student Media Festival
This year we are combining the Media Festival with Maker event we are calling "Maker Madness"
Stay tuned for more detailed information

About the Festival
In an effort to promote the use of multi-media by teachers and students in our region, the DCMO BOCES Instructional Support Services sponsors an annual Student Media Festival. Teachers are encouraged to give their students multi-media related assignments and projects to complete as an alternative to traditional written research assignments. Each spring we ask teachers and students to send us their projects for evaluation. Projects are judged and prizes are awarded to the best entries. Click the "Entering the Festival" link above for more detailed information on how to participate in this exciting event.

Statement of Philosophy

  1. Student expression through audio and visual media is a desirable component of every child's education.
  2. Audio and visual media offer an opportunity for students to be creative and to express their vision of the world with others.
  3. A regional media festival can provide local students an opportunity to share their work and ideas with a wider group of their peers.
  4. The media festival can stimulate educators to examine the educational value and potential of student media productions.
What is the purpose of a "Media Festival"?

In today's world we are being increasingly inundated by information. This information comes to us in many ways. Traditional media like print and broadcasting, have been supplanted by cable, the internet and mobile devices. We all have more ways to communicate with each other than at any point in human history. We are truly living in an age of information overload.

In the past, the world of "multi media" was reserved for those in the publishing, recording or broadcasting industries. It required expensive and specialized equipment, knowledge and resources. Today, thanks to the internet, we can all be "mass media" producers and distributers, all it takes is a personal computer or a smart phone. 

The problem is, with so much information bombarding us in so many different forms, how do we interpret it? How do we know what we can trust? And on the other side of the coin, how can we personally take advantage of these new forms of communication to make sure our messages are clear and effective without being subject to mis-interpretation?

It has become essential for teachers to be sure their students are intelligent consumers and producers of information. We believe that when teachers encourage students to enhance their writing with audio, video and images, that they become more effective communicators and more critical consumers of media as well. To support the use of media production in the classroom, the BOCES Instructional Support Services offers workshops for teachers who want to learn how they and their students can best use the technology and resources they have available, to integrate multimedia into their teaching activities.

To encourage teachers and students to explore and integrate multi media into their communication and education activities, the DCMO BOCES conducts our annual Media Festival. Students are invited to submit their multi media projects into one of eight media categories. Entries are judged on how clearly and effectively they communicate a message, and the best projects are awarded prizes. The festival exhibition and award ceremony takes place at one of the BOCES centers each spring and the public is invited to attend and see all all entries that were submitted. At the festival, teachers and students have a chance to share their projects and receive recognition for their work.

You can request a free copy of the BOCES Media Festival Resource Guide on CD-ROM, which contains lesson plans, templates, free software for making multi media in the classroom and more! Just send your request to