Gallery of Winning Entries

Under Construction - Check back, after the official award ceremony in May.  We will use this page as a virtual online gallery of winning Media Festival entries. We hope this gallery will help inspire teachers and students to begin experimenting with their own media projects!

Photo Journalism Students are encouraged to enter photos that tell a story.

Desktop Publishing, This category is for things like brochures, fliers, posters and newsletters.

Animations Students may create computer animations or "old-fashioned" stop-motion style animations.

Computer Graphics Students may use any computer software to create designs such as logos or info graphics.

Video these entries include news programs, commercials or even documentaries.

Presentations For entries in this category, students may use PowerPoint or other presentation software.

Podcasts - Sorry, we had no podcast entries in the festival this year.

Web Pages - Sorry, we had no web page entries in the festival this year.