To help teachers and students get started with multi-media projects here are some links to online resources that you can use. 

Video Resources

YouTube Editor - an online video editing tool
Vimeo Video School - lessons on how to make higher quality videos
Video Production 101 - a complete online production course for video and film
Resources for Filmmaking in the Classroom - Videos and links to more great information on filmmaking
Royalty Free Music - its always best to create your own music, but sometimes you need something quick.
Movies at Home: A Guide to Film Editing - Great lessons and tips from a theatre seating company (h/t to Mia!)

Photojournalism Resources

Digital Photography Tutorial - online courses for beginning and advanced photographers & photography tips
Faking It - Manipulated photography before Photoshop, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art
How to Shoot on iPhone 7 - A playlist of short videos demonstrating photographic techniques on iPhone

Desktop Publishing Resources - very simple graphic design software
How to do Desktop Publishing - desktop publishing tutorials from AboutTech
Learning Resources for Adobe InDesign - from the Adobe Education Exchange
Seeding Comic Studio - a free iPad app for creating comic book style projects

Computer Graphics Resources - online image editing 
Learning Resources for Adobe Photoshop - from the Adobe Education Exchange
Learning Resources for Adobe Illustrator - from the Adobe Education Exchange
SketchUp - Free 3D design software that is fun and easy to learn and use
ThingMaker Design - Free 3D design software for iPad from Mattel
3D Creationist - Free 3D design app for tablets
Sketchfab - Online 3D creation tool

Animation Resources

Scratch - an online tool for creating animations and interactive multi-media by programming
Stop Motion Studio - animation app for iPad
Lego Movie Maker - another animation app for iPad from the makers of Lego blocks
JellyCam - simple and free stop motion software for Mac & PC
Making Claymation in the Classroom - an e-book in PDF format with great tips for doing animation in the classroom
Pixar in a Box - a series of lessons from the Khan Academy video website from the folks at Pixar

Web Page Resources - the worlds largest web developer site, learn HTML!
Google Sites - an online tool for creating web sites
Weebly - free and paid web site creation and hosting
Wix - another site with free and paid web site creation and hosting

Presentation Resources - an online presentation authoring tool - and online library of photographs for educators that are copyright friendly
The Secret Structure of Great Talks - a TED video about how great speakers structure their talks for maximum impact
BrainyBetty - templates, backgrounds and tutorials for Microsoft PowerPoint
Digital Storytelling in the Classroom - an e-book in PDF format with tips for storytelling in the classroom

Other Media Related Resources

Multimedia Resource Kits for Download - from Tech4Learning. These kits are designed for elementary teachers who 
want to enable their students to explore the curriculum and demonstrate their understanding as they create projects 
using text, images, diagrams, voice recording, and more.

Teaching Copyright - A website that provides lessons and ideas for opening your classroom up to discussion, letting your students express their ideas and concerns, and then guiding your students toward an understanding of the boundaries of copyright law.

Admongo - This interactive online game from the Federal Trade Commission aims to educate tweens (kids ages 8 to 12) about advertising so they can become more discerning consumers of information. The goal of the campaign is to boost advertising literacy.

Free Technology for Teachers - A blog written by teacher Richard Byrne,updated daily with free resources on the web.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications - Here you will find engaging historical lessons with skill and technology integration.lessons with skill and technology integration.